Rembrandt Prints

Rembrandt, like no other, was able to capture a person’s soul. Of course best known for his monumental ‘Nightwatch’ painting he was a master in drawing and etching. He is a great love of Evert Douwes Jr.: “when I studied abroad in the seventies, I was nicknamed after him. Coming from the ‘in’ place of Amsterdam, looking like a hippy with long hair and a beard, making drawings in the marvellous Victoria & Albert Museum in London, my fellow students and professors felt I looked like him. We also share the same astrological sign”.

On the occasion of  the 200th ‘registration’ anniversary of Douwes Fine Art in 2005, the category of  Rembrandt prints was introduced by Evert Douwes on a large scale for the first time. “And I cannot stress enough how important it is to only focus on ‘lifetime’ impressions of quality. Do not be tempted by a very low price for what mostly ends up to be a late and inferior print". The affordability of these powerful etchings means that a genuine 17th century Rembrandt is still within reach of a great many people.

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